Stress is it’s own “adverse event”

DeenaPicI often have a lot to say. Today I want to talk about stress and what it does to a person’s physical and mental health. As well, long term stress is illogical and I’ll show you why.

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress affects your body, feelings and behavior in a number of ways.  

Headache, Back pain, Chest pain, Heart disease, Palpitations, High blood pressure, Decreased immunity, Stomach upset, Sleep disturbances, Anxiety, Irritability, Depression, Lack of focus, Burnout, Forgetfulness, Eating pattern disturbances, Drug or Alcohol abuse, Increased smoking, Social withdrawal, Relationship conflicts. Just to name a few…..

Stress is a MENTAL and PHYSICAL reaction that is intended to prompt a needed action. It was useful back in the, for lack of a better term, Caveman days when a stress reaction resulted in saving a life or escaping some other catastrophe.

Adverse event acknowledged -> Stress kicks in/fight or flight response -> Action taken -> Adverse event alleviated -> Stress gone.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Back then it worked but now adverse events in our lives can persist for years and years. Of course it’s still elevated to a very real fight or flight response in times of actual threat of violence, etc but having a lower level of stress that long has resulted in numerous health concerns, some quite severe. Today’s adverse events can persist for a far greater amount of time than the caveman escaping the dinosaur or us jumping out of the path of an oncoming vehicle. We need to reevaluate and overcome that stress. It is literally making people sick, then we stress over being sick and not feeling well to boot. Long term stress is vicious and it ruins people, ruins lives, ruins relationships and literally makes us sick and miserable, physically and mentally.

Given the long term effects of stress and what it is proven to do to us, it is illogical and counterproductive. Long term stress is the complete opposite of its beneficial short term counterpart, fight or flight and the physiological purpose which is to prompt action/alleviate threat or adversity. The effects of long term stress do not prompt action but rather prevent us from adequately addressing the adverse events we all encounter throughout our lives, thereby increasing the amount of time we spend in an environment with adversity. This is why it is illogical. The only way to avoid it is to overcome it. Realize what it is and make a choice to just “keep plugging away, never give up and work hard and don’t let it get to you”.  Easier said than done I know, it took me many years and me hitting rock bottom to realize that I can tell stress to get the hell out of my life! It’s a monster and it in and of itself IS ADVERSITY.

Now, because I’ve had a lot of success at kicking stress out of my life, I’ve also been told I live in denial – because I’m not stressing, I’m not outwardly showing I acknowledge. I don’t. I just refuse to let stress wreak havoc on me. Living in denial is denying that adversity is in your midst, ignoring it and just not doing anything about it. Much to the contrary. Not only do I recognize adversity, I seek to get rid of it and stress was one adversity that just had to go….. Try to be happy. Smile and I don’t mean just showing your teeth. Realize that stress IS adversity, it’s illogical. It’s a physiological oxymoron because it IS the adversity, for which the stress reaction is to prompt us to take action against. If you let stress work for you, it would prompt action to do away with itself. Didn’t I say “illogical”??  Let stress be one of life’s adversities that you take action against. Hopefully I’ve shared what I did and how and I hope that might help somebody, somewhere, live a happier and healthier life!


~ by Deena Kay on 11/03/2009.

One Response to “Stress is it’s own “adverse event””

  1. Some people can handle stress better than others. Stress is not easy to wait in line some people don’t want to do. Other people will stand in the line and wait and not be as stressed.

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