The Wait

A short, dark, tale of a woman who drown, alone and forsaken. She is said to haunt the beach at sunset searching for her beloved

He takes a voyage overseas and vows to return to her in 6 months time and on that day, they shall be wed.

He tells her the only thing that could ever keep him from her would be his death. He promises to return.

She goes to the docks where she last bid him farewell, exactly 6 months to the day. She watches as the fleet pulls into dock and waits anxiously for him, ready to be his bride.

He never arrives. All the docks are deserted and she realizes that he is dead. She can feel it in her heart. In desperation to be with him, she drowns herself in the ocean and later that night, washes ashore.  An angel comes to take her to heaven but  the angel abruptly leaves. She’s committed an unforgiveable sin. She lingers on the beach, alone and unable to pass to the other side to once again be with her love, hoping they will find a way to be together again, somehow.  Forever she waits…

It is said that she can occasionally seen by onlookers with the sound of soft muffled sobbing when the tide is out and the sun is nearing the horizon.. She wanders, she cries……. And she waits.

This is her story.


Looking out across the sea
I wait.
This is where he said to be
He’s late.
Sailing in from a distant shore
Having left some days before
Ships come in, not one with him
Fear is mounting more and more.


While I wait for him on land,
Time is slipping through my hand
A shell I see, will work for me,
To carve my love upon the sand
And I wait.


As the time goes creeping by
I imagine him in my minds eye
Remembering our last embrace
With his chest upon my face
He said good bye
And I wait.


Hours come and hours go
Nary a ship in sight
His time has come, his time has gone
He’s slipped in to the night
I feel the wrenching of my heart
And his call to me
I will come to you, my dear
 And give my life for thee!


On the cold and darkest night
I washed up on the shore
There I lay, in stillness I wait,
I can wait no more….

I had a visitor of sorts,
to come take me away
There she sat and looked at me,
With not a word to say
Sorrow and regret came upon her face
Knowing I was lost,
Good bye she said as she went away
Quick in to the mist
It was as if she was not here, she left without a trace.
Here I stay, in a cold embrace with tears run down my face
I still wander along the shore
Waiting and waiting for evermore
Endearing for our souls to meet
And for that I wait.

~ by Deena Kay on 12/04/2009.

6 Responses to “The Wait”

  1. A beautiful and haunting story Deena. Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for this.

  2. Amazingly beautiful – both the writing and the photos.

    • Thanks Nicki! I appreciate that! 🙂 Sincerely 🙂

      • Darnit, I just looked at it and it did it again. I think, no joke, I’ve edited this post no less than 15 times and I still can’t seen to get the parts to line up with the corresponding pictures. LOL I guess I’ll keep working on it. 🙂 Eventually I’ll get them all lined up right.

  3. Deena, I understand – completely.

    This is going to sound odd, perhaps, and please know that I don’t say this to hurt your feelings -that’s the last intention- but think about it: editing and re-editing this post isn’t going to change the pictures of the past, sweet girl. I say this because I find myself doing the same thing – there is only one truth and it doesn’t change, no matter how you re-arrange the words, the pictures, or … the memories.

    I know your pain. This is a sad and lovely writing.


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