America’s next big export: JOBS

Outsourcing, it isn’t just cutting costs for companies anymore. Our JOBS have become a major export and an export that is NOT PAID FOR. We gladly hand over our jobs for free. Yep, for free. They pay nothing for our jobs, yet the cost to us, as a people, as a nation, is monumental. All or most countries pay to import certain things needed that they themselves do not have or cannot readily and economically produce, as a means of enhancing their own economy…. This includes jobs, our jobs. Our jobs are gladly handed over, free and clear, no questions asked. Hell, if I could get something for free, I would. Especially if it was something my family and I needed. The problem, the US is NOT so wealthy that it should just idly hand out resources like that to other countries while taking away those resources from Americans. We contibute to the economy of other countries but do nothing for our own. We consume all their goods while they consume our jobs. Your job, yeah that person overseas wants it and it’s likely at some point, they will get it. It’s just a matter of time. Your job is a commodity to be traded on or rather, simply given away.

Oh but wait, you might say “It isn’t government doing it, its businesses”. Sure, it is. The savings on the back end is where the bonus is, of them just handing over free resources to other countries. But what does that do? It adds to the unemployment rate, and the momentum at which the amount of people who can and will be able to pay for their goods and services, no longer will be able to afford them and thusly, creates yet more need for those same companies and other non job exporting companies who rely on us to spend money,  to outsource as a means to cut costs or just struggle. It impacts everyone and all other businesses as well. Is that logical? Of course not. It’s a short term, individualized and linear solution that is contributing to an even worse long term and broad spectrum economic catastrophe. I was shocked to the core when I found Lou Dobbs’ list of companies confirmed to outsource here: This list isn’t up to date either, so it isn’t an all encompassing list.

Now, let’s think about it for a moment. This is helpful in the short term for businesses, but it lends nothing to the bigger problem, it actually exacerbates it. Here is how. Exporting our jobs, yes, let’s call a spade a spade, exporting, not the friendly little word “Outsourcing”. Exporting our jobs has no penalty to businesses. In fact, many of them are even rewarded by our federal government in other ways. They file bankruptcy and are forced to restructure. Then the Bankruptcy Court Trustees approve part of the restructuring as outsourcing, AKA exporting. Those same companies are also often eligible to accept the tax dollars paid from those same workers’ whose jobs were exported. Those companies who gave your job away? Yeah, many of them got bailout money too. Taxes YOU paid. Here is a list of companies who received federal bailout money:   Shockingly there are many companies on BOTH lists. I took the time and compared these lists about 4 months ago. So, not only are they allowed free reign to just hand over for free, American resources (jobs), but they also collect on taxes paid by the same people who have been derogatorily impacted by the decisions those businesses made. Nice huh?

The US hasn’t exactly got a truckload of export products so many of these businesses rely on American consumers and yet this is what they do. Leave us with an inability pay for their consumable goods and services, which results in yet more exporting of jobs. We’re in a downhill spiral, circling the drain. Business should not be allowed free reign to export our jobs for free and if they do, they should have to give something back, somewhere, somehow. Who can do something about it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all for government involvement, but when it impacts the country as a whole, I’m okay with it to some extent. The government can do something about it but they do not and that is why they are also to blame. Perhaps we should consider tariffs on exported jobs, collected and managed by the IRS. We normally have tariffs on imports but we can on exports as well. It wouldn’t be a precedent setting thing. Those tariffs might be used to fund programs that provide assistance to displaced American workers. If the tariffs are high enough, it might actually discourage the exporting of jobs at least in some instances and protect our resources.

We already are in the midst of a global economy in which the USA cannot compete. At some point, we will have not only a global economy but a global civilization and the gun used to shoot ourselves in the foot? The trigger has already been pulled and the bullet en route. Big businesses and the government helped to pull that trigger. Why don’t businesses create and manufacture goods and services that we now import? We import a LOT because many of the big businesses here in the USA do not create them or cannot create them economically. Perhaps the tariffs mentioned above can also be used to assist businesses who do not export jobs with establishing a means to economically produce certain things that we now import. Reward companies who aid in the establishment of American resources. This will create jobs and be paid for by those companies who export jobs.

Where will be in 50 years if we do not think about “How in the hell will we compete in a globalized civilization? What are we bringing to the table?” The answer to the latter, right now is nothing. Again, thanks Big Business and thanks to our federal government for facilitating it all or just idly standing by and watching as our country slips into uselessness. Get out of other countries and start worrying about our own. You all, businesses and federal government should have a nice warm handshake while the rest of us die out, go broke and move to other countries because eventually you both will be all that is left here. You all helped screw it all up so perhaps it’s your right to inherit what you’ve created, a worthless country.


~ by Deena Kay on 12/11/2009.

16 Responses to “America’s next big export: JOBS”

  1. Unfortunately, you are 99.9999% right. There is a sliver of hope in all of this but it is not going to be seen.

    The US government is not thinking correctly. We need, as a nation, to get back to the times when we were the economy everyone wanted to imitate. We need to get back to the times when we could export innovation and not those who are innovators.

    Part of the problem, in my opinion – which is not completely formed yet, is that the two party system in our country is screwing the general public. Neither party gives a crap about what is good for the American people. They only care about getting elected and being in power. A cynical view but very true.

    If you figure out how to fix the leak – actually, it is like someone turned the faucet on, let me know.

    • I agree! I seriously worry about the future and the future my kids will grow up in. It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs. I had the misfortune of seeing many people I worked with, day and out, get laid off as their jobs went to India. Eventually part of mine did too after the company filed Chapter 11. There was a lady named Lynn. She was in her late 40’s to early 50’s. She walked out the door after having trained the folks from India for several months on how to do her job. Where will she work now? There is unfortunately not much for her now. It’s a very sorry state of affairs indeed.

      • This happens so frequently. With a good percentage of the American workforce either unemployed or UNDERemployed, it is hard to figure what is right and wrong here. The government, though – in my opinion, is blowing smoke trying to say it is creating jobs with little or no figures that back up this premise. Someone has to figure out some thing to get the US back on the right track.

      • I think so too Nicki. I always like reading Brandon’s posts because he brings some new and fresh ideas as well as some valued old school ones. I just think it’s to late and gone to far to go back to the old school ones. 🙂

  2. Nice job. I like to see people doing a little research before they write something. The exporting of our jobs is a growing and concerning problem. Unfortunatley, a lot of the reasoning behind this is due to the fact that the government puts such high taxes and even worse, tons of “Government Regulation” on business’s.(what happened to teh free market?) That is also a key ingredient in why we have such a high unemployment rate in America. No person in their right mind would want to, or be able to start up a business right now (except for MLM :), no entrprenuers, no new business, no business growth = no jobs = one of a few resons we have such a horrible economy. When you have all these factors added up it is a little bit easier to see why “most” business’s are outsourcing to foreign countries. Not all do so out of necessity, but many do. Which is why I have to say, I don’t think the government needs to be anymore involved in this problem than they already are. Their mostly to blame for it. You shoud read up on Austrian Economics and Peter Schiff, you’ll like it.

    • Thanks for the comment! I wonder though, in my blog I make the assertion that there should be more govt involvement by virute of perhaps tariffs. You seem to be well read and studied on the subject, what do you think might help the situation?

      I definitely agree that starting up a business right now is difficult and that most people in their right mind wouldn’t do it hence us and our MLM stuff. That also lends to more unscrupulous, get rich quick schemes that seduce uneducated people into marketing and sales and further ruin it for those of us who aren’t scamming and promising that people can drive a fancy car in a weeks worth of placing a website somewhere….

      We desperately need a solution. 🙂 Thanks again! I really appreciate your post!

  3. Tarrifs were started to create governmental revenue and to help keep manufacuring in the u.s.However,the main focus in the start of tariffs was used more in the generation of money for the government, than it was for keeping manufacturing (jobs) here( as is any tax).
    Tarrifs are not used as much as they used to be, but when hey are it is mostley to create more revenue for the government. If you agree with what I said before about many business’s exporting jobs because of too much (any) governmental control, and extreemly high taxes, then imposing more taxes (tariffs) would essntially have an adverse effect, and in sense contribute to less economic growth, not to mention severly constraining any “free market” we have left. If a nation is to be truly free and flurish, than it needs to allow its business’s to grow so we can have a prosperous economy. Our government doest the exact opposite of this, which is why I made the statement that they should stay out of it. I don’t want t sound like I’m just anti the current administration, because I can assure you I have been anti basically all administrations sense I have had the ability to think for myself. Keep up the good work!

    • I agree to a point but the truth is, the Government is now funding and involved in way more than they used to be. As well, those who cannot to do for themselves and/or will not do for themselves, end up sucking off the govt tit in some form or fashion. Why not let those who contribute to the problem, help pay for fixing it? The other reality is that it isn’t government involvement that has resulted in outsourcing. It’s cost. I lived it and was there. Think about this, if I am an employer and I pay you 100K a year, my cost is roughly 130K per year with payroll burdens while your bring home is likely to be around 70K per year. That’s a nice chunk going to to taxes but that isn’t because of excess govt involvement, it’s just what it is. Taxes. One might consider that govt involvement but there will always be taxes, like it or not and that will never change. Given that it will never change, think about this: Now, I can export your job to India and pay 33K a year instead of 130K, no questions asked, no taxes, no nothing. Next step for you or whoever it may have been is the unemployment line which is funded by the employer. Then when that isnt enough to save your home, where will you go and what will you do if there is no family or friends to bail you out because they are in a like boat as you? The governemnt. And who should fund that? The employer who sent your job overseas, that’s who.

      Again, this is just my opinion and I welcome all other ideas as well! 🙂

  4. Cost are mostly the direct result of too much government envolvment, Via their need to tax and regulate every aspect of business. It can be said it’s because they either want a monopoly on everything (socialism) or, the just don’t get how business works and grows, prosperusly and naturally. Business’s are not to blame for costs or taxes, they do what they have to in order to survive due to the over bearing government envolvement and interferrence(again, not every single business is honest and some take advantage. And while some taxes are necessary, the majority (some that are even legal :)) are not needed, in fact, if the government could put a hold on their ignaorant and insatiable spending, then our busines’s and paychecks wouldn’t be “Unconstitutionally” and unfairly taxed, so they could do what they started to do when they were founded in this country (grow). I can’t imagine too many business’s not wanting to sate “Made in the U.S.A” or something of that sort. Again government envolvement makes this nearly impssible. I could give you dozens of reasons just at a town level in my state. They want more economic growth but, the officials want to regulate it to the point where no one wants to, or can, run business here. I personally have two business’s, and it is extreemly difficult to keep employees or even gain a profit. That’s not because I don’t know how to make them work, it’s due to unrealistic, unecissary taxes and regulation (constrictions). The government induces the exportation of jobs and manufacturing. The government proliferates off from welfare and unemployment. The government is the worst example of running an efficiant business, yet we want to allow them more control over it. Not a good move if we’re looking to move ahead.

    • Let me ask you something, are you getting into politics, taking it in college or just an interested citizen?

      I do agree that there is to much government involvement in most things. I 100% agree with you on that and will have to digress.. perhaps if they let up on some of the ther taxes then perhaps they wouldn’t feel as much of a pinch and have to export our jobs in the first place. Even the taxes paid on payroll is phenomenal. There ends up being a 60% difference between what a payroll costs a company compared to what that employee actually receives on his or her paycheck. The govt shold not reap more than half, HALF of the benefits of ourhard work but….I do say, it is the Govt AND big businesss ti blame because they’re the ones in it. Maybe the answer might truly lay in less taxing and involvement. Good point! 🙂

  5. I’m just happy to see that people are taking an active role into “REALLY” caring about the current situation, by learning (and hopefully apllying). I’m not usually a fan of economist, but, if you were to check out Peter Schiff I think you would hear some valuble points to your questions and topics, escpecially the reason and salution to the exportation of j.o.b.s. He has a tremenduos track record and is someone I have been researching as of late. As always, I love the exchanging of knowledge, views, and ideas. Thank you!

    • I’ve appreciated your posts and comments so I’ll take your word for it and go read about Peter Schiff. I’m glad also to see that I’m not the onlyt person that gives a hoot. 🙂 Thanks for your comments Brandon, they’re always appreciated even if we don’t see eye to eye on the topic! 🙂

  6. I have never taken a course on politics, nor am I running for office. I have just taken a serious aprroach twards the direction of our country in the past few years. And actually the Team that I am affiliated with in the Network Marketing industry has a particular system that helps inform, and develop people in this area, along with many others including of course how to build MLM. Before I became involved in this industry I was just a misguided little son-or-a-gun with hateful, malicious thoughts and actions twards most everything. Thankfully someone recognized my potential (as little they could see through my rough edges) and put me on a positive, learning path. Now I do what I can to develop myself personally to be able to understand and see the truth behind all of the smoke and mirrors that not just politics, but all areas of life blow in our face. I read and study, and try my best to make the most informed decisions I can. But, I am always learning and growing, so I’m open to new information and views always. That’s how progress happens, right? I enjoy our disscusions and look foward to more in the future. Cheers!

    • P.S. Apparently I haven’t taken a course on spelling. Please forgive me. Without spell check I might as well right in hyrogliphs

      • LOL No worries! I dont always run mine through spell check. What matters is that you get the point across and you do that quite well! 🙂

  7. […] saved the company I worked for, 15 million+ in 3 years. Outsourcing/Exporting our jobs sucks. Here is what I think about that. I can assure you, when it comes time for me to be in need of the […]

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