He blamed it on the Bacon

Well, I guess I stand corrected.  My younger boy  “imbibed” last night, came home ill, barfed, I gave him more charcoal at about 2AM, he woke up and felt fine. LOL I found him dancing in his bedroom to lil’ wayne, after he’d cleaned his room and done his laundry! The lil’ nut! Now, it’s entirely possible that he was up and gripped himself up some BC Powders and tums or an alka seltzer…

We made cheese and bacon omelets and tater tots and then it hit him to some extent. He was nauseated and sick. He blamed it on the bacon. :shaking my head: I ended up finishing his food. I have no issue with the bacon. 🙂 Which is actually Turkey Bacon that I cook up to a near burnt crisp. I like it crunchy. 🙂

How do you suppose it is that at 16, he can drink vodka until he has to come home and barf and not wake up with a nasty hangover?  Maybe the activated charcoal I gave him helped to some extent. He admits how much he drinks and has no reason to lie to me about it. It’s rare. He has no tolerance and even on holidays, I’ve offered him a few sips of wine and he turns it down. Yeah, my guess is that he got up and got himself some BC powders and tums. He knows my hangover cure is something greasy to eat, 2 BC Powders, large glass of icewater, a couple of tums, 2 multivitamins and a couple of B12’s. Enough to turn your pee totally bright yellow. I doubt he went to that much trouble but I’m certain he did something.

Interesting week end it’s been, no doubt. I revealed some personal things about myself in a blog challenge. Told my best friend what it is I appreciate about him the most. One of them is that he, at Christmas and my birthday always messages or calls just after midnight so he’s the first person to wish me happy birthday and merry christmas. He also told compared me to a unicorn when I felt very common and plain. Am going to visit him later today and hang out with him. I always like being around him because he makes me feel good. Had my son come home wasted, get sick only to wake up and do his laundry and clean his room. Turned 39 today, this is my last year in my 30’s and I’m not afraid to turn 40. Was told that I’m beautiful person from a good friend of mine and she meant it 🙂  Got a birthday hug from one of my sons friends who thinks of me like a second mom. Found out that one of his other  friends who has also stayed with me on occasion and had run away went home to his parents, thank god. Discovered a wonderful group of like-minded ladies who, like me, are writers and bloggers and I was extrememly touched and impressed by their writing and get this, this is my horoscope today and it certainly hit the nail on the head:

Your horoscope for December 13, 2009

New channels of communication may open up for you today. A female author whose works you enjoy could come out with a new book, Deena. You could meet some new neighbors who share your interest, or you could come into contact with like-minded people via e-mail or the Internet. This promises to open up new territory for you, with regard to both your intellectual and social life. Your mind is going to be working overtime!

I hope you all had as wonderful of a week end as I did! 🙂


~ by Deena Kay on 12/13/2009.

One Response to “He blamed it on the Bacon”

  1. Just for you, Deena. I picked up #5 at college yesterday. He had an 11 am final. I forgot to go to the bathroom at the college so stopped at the one rest area between home and college. I get back in the car. He had been drinking out of one of his packed bags while I went to the bathroom. I am not sure what but hard liquor of some sort. LOL!

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