Teens and what they get up to


My sons are on the far left (Daniel who is 19) and on the far right (Michael who is 16 although grew a nice goatee not shown) the middle fellow is my nephew Forrest 🙂

I posted in a Momalom challenge about teens and their sex lives and how parents or at least I, manage that. Part of it included a blurb about our kids falling on their chins in the mud. Forever I feel grateful that my son will share with me what he does as that allows me, as I said, to pick him up and wipe the mud from his chin with love and get him back on track.

I make no assertion that because my son and I have a wonderful relationship and openly communicate, that he will never fall on his face. Much to the contrary. He still will but not as “rebellion” as much as experimentation and figuring out what’s going on with certain things. The benefit of our open communication is that I’ll know about it as opposed to not knowing about it. Last night, he fell on his face. He went out with a friend of his, whose birthday, like mine, is this week end. He “imbibed”. He’s not a regular drinker and has ZERO tolerance.

He came in at about 12:30 and I heard the door. I got up and he wasn’t here. He’d come in and left again. That little poop head! What’s he up to? I stayed up. He came back in about 20 minutes later. He was wasted. He, at first tried to deny it, but I said with a smile on my face “don’t lie, you know you can’t fool me. I know you’re drunk”. To which he replied with a smile, that indeed, he was and that he was also ill. He told me he had drank vodka. He was slurring a little, staggering and clearly drunk. That isn’t typical of him. He likes to have fun but isn’t really much of a drinker. Occasionally he’ll drink a beer but for the most part, he isn’t into it. Last night however was a much different story. I know who bought it and what occured because he told me. I will appropriately deal with that.

I gave him charcoal capsules and he got some iced tea to drink which he spilled all over the counter and floor. He tried to clean it up but ended up just making a bigger mess. Then I made sure he just went to bed to sleep it off. A few minutes later, I heard him wretching and cussing. He was saying “ooohhhh fuuuuuck!”  He has the master bedroom with a full bathroom attached. I opened his door and there he was, bathroom door wide open and hunkered down on the floor by the toilet, paying his dues. Yep, he was barfing. I had to laugh at him to some extent. He wasn’t drunk enough to do real bodily damage other than a massive hangover he will have when he gets up. Kids think they can handle anything.  

 As soon as he got drunk, he wanted to come home to mom. He did, his night was the following: Go out with friends, act like a big shot and drink vodka, get drunk, feel ill and want to go home to Mom. That’s what he did. Plus, he barfed which is a good thing. It got out anything left that was in his stomach that the charcoal hadn’t absorbed.  I doubt he’ll even remember it. He will however remember the excruciating pain of a nasty headache and associated nausea which he will suffer through. No aspirin tomorrow. Sorry. Do the crime, do the time. 🙂

When he gets up, now that should be interesting. Yep, he fell on his face in the mud, figuratively speaking. I’m not sure how much disipline I can dole out that will be worse than the immense hangover he will feel tomorrow and the ruined rest of the week end he’ll have to deal with.  Plus tomorrow is MY birthday and he will feel awful that he spent it hung over. I think I’ll go for letting him learn his own lesson about hard alcohol….. It isn’t it’s all cracked up to be. The good ole’ school of hard knocks comes into play and in this instance, makes my job easier. I think it will be a gooooood loooong time before he ever considers drinking that stuff again. 🙂

Sometimes you just have to let your kids take the beating they dealt themselves.


~ by Deena Kay on 12/13/2009.

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