Resolutions means you’ve procrastinated

Last blog of 2009…. maybe, what do I write about? I’m drawing a blank here for anything fun or juicy and this might be a tad “holier than thou” and that isn’t my intent. I might even write another one once I get buzzed. In fact, I most likely will. 🙂 I think my brain is so boogered up with all the things I’ve got going on. Things that I’ve started “THIS YEAR”. Not things I put off to resolve to do in the new one. Good things I have going on RIGHT NOW. I haven’t got any resolutions. I’m okay health wise, weight wise, I exercise plenty, eat good food so I’m all good on that front. I could quit smoking but don’t really want to bad enough yet. I’ll just keep exercising and eating good food in somewhat of an attempt to compensate. That’s my vice I don’t want to give up yet. Shame on me, but it is what it is. When it is time to quit, I won’t care of it’s New Years or not. I’ll do it when I’m good and ready 🙂

In years past…. Many years past I’d make “New Years Resolutions” and most of the time, not keep them, then feel like a failure and give up. Now, if I want something in my life, why the hell wait until New Years? I realize it’s a time for people to take stock of their lives and haves VS wants but it also gives people an excuse to procrastinate. “Ahh, it’s going to be a new years resolution so I’ll just keep being lazy, drinking to much, watching to much tv, whatever, whatever, for now”. I don’t wait until New Years. I’m always in a state of taking stock of haves VS wants and do what I can at the point of realizing there’s a discrepancy. I’ve made ONE resolution too many years ago to remember how long ago it was and that was this “I resolve to not make any more New Years resolutions” and I’ve kept that one.

New Years is a time for the masses to take stock of their lives while all year long, most people don’t unless there is some burden or crisis that comes about. Then the end of the year is upon us and only then we find, accept and realize the discrepancies in our lives, things need of improvement and make said resolutions. It can make a person feel shitty through the holidays. If you wait all year until New Years to take proper stock, when New Years comes around, you find it a time to reflect on past poor choices, things you didn’t do that you needed to and things you need to do to improve your life and health and resolve to improve them all, whatever they may be. If you do NOT wait and you DO take proper stock throughout your life, regardless of time of the year and address discrepancies as you find them, then when New Years comes around you can instead celebrate all the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the new ones, in the New Year, whatever they may be. If you do anything this year with regard to resolutions, my recommendation is this: Resolve to not wait until New Years to take stock of your life so that you don’t find yourself at the end of the year realizing past failures and discrepancies and hence, being in need of resolutions.

Now it’s time to state the obvious but frequently ignored. Above all else, be safe in your celebrations! If you drink, call a cab. The cost of a cab is nothing compared to the cost of a life! Or even the cost of a DUI and the thousands you’ll pay in court costs, atty fees, etc. If you have a party, take everyone’s keys and just allow them to crash where they fall if that’s what is needed. If you’re drinking at somebody else’s party, relinquish your keys and if you can’t stay overnight, ask them to call you a cab when it’s time to go home 🙂 Even if you’re sober, if you can, stay the heck off the roads and avoid those who lack common sense and still choose to drink and drive. They are out there and I hope you choose to avoid them and avoid being somebody who got killed on New Years by a drunk driver. And god forbid, not BE one of the drunk drivers on the road making it dangerous for everyone else. Happy New Years!! Celebrate and be happy but be safe Damnit! Otherwise you might not be around to rag me out for my future “holier than thou” posts! LOL


~ by Deena Kay on 12/31/2009.

2 Responses to “Resolutions means you’ve procrastinated”

  1. There is always the resolution of staying the course of good actions, good choices, and good company. Using the New Year to mark your progress and celebrate your accomplishments of long-term lifestyle choices and close connections is much more valid than making superficial, unsubstantiated pronouncements in my mind.

    Nice post Deena

  2. I never looked at resolutions in quite this light. You have a point and a valid one.

    Thanks for reminding us all to be responsible on New Year’s Eve! Hope you have a great New Year!!!

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