Myspace gripes (originally from my Myspace blog)

I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I have a wordpress blog that is my mainstay as far as blogging goes but this is just for myspace. I might post this to wordpress later, I don’t know yet. I guess I’m feeling a little bit cocky, maybe a little “to big for my britches” or perhaps even a wee bit “holier than thou”. That’s probably not nice of me but it is what it is. I’ll own it while I feel it because most times I don’t. I’m a fairly humble woman and don’t have an aggressive bone in my body. It’s just not the cloth from which I’m cut. I’m assertive when needed or if I feel I’m being taken advantage of but never aggressive. I can have a feisty mouth on me if the right buttons are pushed and I’ve lost it and cut somebody to the quick quite effortlessly. I would NOT say is that a positive characteristic. It only comes out once I’ve lost or given up my ability to use better judgment and not engage in any kind of dialog with those who aren’t worthy.   

On that, I have been here on myspace for quite awhile now. Coming up on 2 years and I’ve seen it all pretty much but a few things stand out to me that I find incredibly bothersome so I avoid them. These are my gripes at those people so I don’t have to be rude directly to them, they likely don’t deserve it. I’ll do it just on my own time and space. After all, it’s their myspace accounts too and their prerogative to do what they want. Freedom, it’s theirs and I wouldn’t seek to take that away from them. On that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if they put themselves out there in the public domain, they should expect to not be ridiculed for what many may/will find inappropriate.

  1. If you’re here for dating, then people who put up 10 or 15 year old glamour shots or college photos. That isn’t what you look like. If you don’t want other people to see the real you, put up some avatar. Don’t false advertise. It’s a bait and switch and whomever you meet…. trust me, they’re going to notice the difference.
  2. Too much nudity in default photos. If I want to see your ass, I’ll ask. Please do not message me if your default profile picture is a picture of your butt. What makes you think anyone else wants to see your butt? Most of the time, it really isn’t that great and occasionally, it’s frankly an eye sore. Unless you’re Bobbi Billard or an incredibly hunky guy, keep that for the naughty friends you make online who’ve expressed an interest in “seeing more”. Don’t send friend requests via your butt.
  3. Men and Women who think making friends online is all about how much skin they show in your default photo. If you’re a guy and you’re fishing in the hot sun, it’s ok to have your shirt off. If you’re a woman and out on a boat, it’s okay to have a bikini on. However, if you pose in the mirror to show your assets, it makes me think you haven’t got anything else to entice a person to want to know you.
  4. People who hide their profile, post no photos or just pics of anatomy and then send random friend invites. If you want to be “friends” and I use that term loosely, give me something to go on here…. Please. How do I know if I want to accept your request when you don’t share anything about yourself? I’m not a face collector (or a butt collector). I like to know if there is anything interesting about you or if we have something in common before I accept it. There’s nothing wrong with a little privacy but if your profile is totally hidden and the only way for me to find out if we have anything in common is to accept it first and then find out later, what is the motivation to accept? Trust me, it won’t be the mirror reflection captured with a cell phone cam of your fart box in your profile picture.
  5. Men who only post pictures of them in sunglasses. No woman can really tell what you look like if you’re here for dating. We want to see your EYES. Eyes say a lot. Nothing says “I’m insecure” more than an album full of your sunglasses collection. Women, this goes for you too.
  6. Men who are 30 or older who call themselves any kind of “Boi” or “Boy”. You aren’t a boy…. You’re a man, at least in age. Act like it. BadBoi or some such crap makes you look foolish, not hip and cool like you think. If you just want to be silly, choose a silly handle, not a dumb one. Do your kegstands, party hard, go shopping cart racing but PLEASE don’t pick a handle that has any version of “Boi” in it.
  7. Anyone who lies about their age. That’s just silly and shows you aren’t aging well. It’s okay to be age-wise mature and still act like a fool with your friends, drink to excess once on awhile and just be a dork. You don’t have to be overly sophisticated just because you’re 30+ or 40+ or what-have-you. Don’t lie about your age. Trust me on that. I’m happily nearing 40. Do I look younger? Sometimes. I wouldn’t even consider telling anyone “Oh I’m only 25”. If you MUST lie about your age and you don’t look younger, you just look like you’ve either had a really, really hard life, have bad genetics, or we just won’t believe you, period and won’t take anything you say seriously. If you DO look younger, state your age proudly because you might look damn good! Looking good at an older age = good genetics, good self care, most likely a happy personality and temperament and you should be proud!
  8. Those who pay no attention to what’s in the background in their pictures. You might look astonishing in the picture but if you have a sink full of filthy dishes piled sky high, a jar of hemorrhoid cream on the dresser, a mountain of dirty laundry in the background, trust me, I notice that shit. If you leave it all laying around all the time to a point that you fail to notice it’s also a mainstay of your pictures, that tells me that’s the rule and not the exception. It matters.
  9. People who post pictures with a bad photoshop of having eliminated a past significant other from the picture. Lame, get another picture. It’s free most of the time! Are you really that cheap?
  10. Men here for “dating” that post pics of their fancy cars and all their bling. Sure, you might attract a gold digger but anyone who’s interested in YOU is less interested in what you have. I have my own things. To ME personally, it SCREAMS materialistic. I don’t care if you drive a lexxus or not, just take care of the vehicle you do have. You don’t have to be rich, just be sensible with your possessions.

 Ok, that’s my top 10 list of annoying Myspace things. There are more, but they don’t rate as high. Yes, it occurs everywhere but this blog here….


~ by Deena Kay on 01/06/2010.

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