What’s in YOUR handbag?


A (hopefully) humorous peruse through my handbag as inspired by Jassnights post “What’s in your wallet?” featured here: http://jassnight.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/whats-in-your-wallet/

This is “The Beast”0115164349

I placed the beast on the table and gave it couple of glamour shots for good measure. It is indeed a beast, albeit an attractive one. Picked it up at TJ Maxx. Lots of pockets for proper organization and less digging in the abyss, ample storage, extra long zipper up both sides and across the top so when I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for, I can lay it all open and find said item which may be hiding in the beast’s darker recesses. Yeah, occasionally I’ll put an item in the wrong place in there and when I go to look for it, I’ll be damned! I can’t find the damn thing!

0115164202At first glance I see my pill bottle of pain relievers, a bunch of lip gloss, Wisp teeth cleaners on the opposite side and in the middle is my checkbook/wallet. I don’t actually own a proper wallet. Boring right? But in the good words of good ole’ Billy Mays (RIP), BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! …..Lets dig a lil’ deeper shall we?


The first side that has it’s own set of sub-pockets, the left one as seen in the top down glamour shot above is reserved for my cell phone but it isn’t in there because I’m using it to take said glamour shots and the other has the following items: 2 sets of tweezers, Pink shiny lip gloss, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Black liquid eye liner, Colossal Mascara, Brown eye shadow, a blusher brush and some ultra cheapo under eye concealer. 

In the deeper recesses of that same first side (not the inside, sub pockets) there are the following items: Pill bottle of RX pain pills (I got me a bum foot), Jelly Belly Blueberry 0115170550Muffin room deodorizer, Strawberries and Champagne body spray in travel size, Japanese Blossom hand and body wash in travel size, travel size toothpaste, a roll of white paper  tape, Green eye shadow, Dream matte mouse foundation for my face (for when I feel ugly), White under eye liner (for the water line, it makes your eyes look bigger), Purple eye liner, more black liquid eye liner in felt tip form, more mascara but waterproof this time, a big ole’ tub of Burt’s Bees hand salve and .36 cents in spare change – A quarter, a dime and 1 penny. The change fell into the wrong pocket.

In the center pocket which is where I mainly store checkbook and wallet type items there are the following: Couple bucks worth of spare change, 52 dollars cash, 2-20’s, 2-01151715475’s and 2-1’s of which my 16 year old son, #2, will see to it that the amount significantly diminishes over the week end, 3 extra books of stamps – I’m always afraid I’m going to run out so I buy extras, Drivers license, SS card (its the only place I wont lose it) and debit card, a business card of a friend of mine, Holister gift card I bought my son that he didn’t want, my checkbook of course, Insurance card and of course a tube of lipstick which had mistakenly been placed in that pocket. 🙂 It belongs with it’s friends in the right hand sub-pocket of the first inner pocket. There’s a science to this shit. Trust me.

Then in the last inner pocket I didn’t have much except: a handful of BC aspirin powders held together with a hair band to prevent them from spilling/leaking plus I can use the 0115172224hair band for my hair in a pinch if I need it and use  the paper tape to keep my BC powders from leaking, an almost spent tab of water pills, Orbit chewing gum, Tic Tac  brand extra large cherry breath mints and Colgate Wisps for my teeth. They have a tooth pick type thing on one end and a toothbrush type thing on the other with a minty ball in the center. They’re perfect if you eat lunch and haven’t got a place to brush your teeth. Nobody wants to smell hot dog breath. Then I also have a Sandisk memory card. How’d that get in there? That belongs elsewhere too. It has a pocket of it’s own with others of it’s kind. 🙂 Then there’s the eye drops. I don’t like red-eye.

The last inner pocket also has a zippered sub-pocket of its own as well. In there is: 0115172822Another memory card (this is where the first one also belongs), a spare key to my car (I’m bad about locking my keys in) memory container for my phone’s memory card, spare key for my bedroom door and a medium binder clip, I can’t tell ya how often I’ve been happy I had that dang ole’ binder clip. You never know when you need to hold 2 things together on the fly. LOL Like when ya pop a button on your britches and need a quick fix.

OMG I’m almost done. The beast also has 2 exterior pockets. One has no zipper so I don’t use that one because my stuff will fall out. On the opposite side there is one that does have a zipper so stuff stays put. I’ll spare the picture but what I have in there are feminine items in case Aunt flo decides to pop in unannounced… ya know… it’s a girl thing. 🙂

I’ve never taken such an inventory of my handbag. Interesting even to me is that the majority of what I have in there are vanity items. Things to improve my appearance, my smell, comfort and how feel. I despise things that stink. Body, breath, teeth and I know everyone does. I don’t want to be the stinky friend or the one with halitosis. I like clean teeth. The spare under arm deodorant I keep is in my car console so it doesn’t appear that I’m shoplifting in the event I get deep into the beast while at the store. LOL In the event that someplace I go is odiferous, I have the Jelly Belly room spray…..and I have been known to use it. Given that I don’t have “little kids” is why I haven’t got pacifiers and happy meal toys or handi-wipes in there. Believe me, when my boys were little, I had a multitude of items like that and a MUCH bigger handbag.

So, are these things representative of being a single, adult female or is it representative of my vanity? I don’t really even wear make up most of the time although I will NEVER leave home without my pink shiny lip gloss / lip balm. I’m addicted to lip gloss and at one point I had 20 tubes of it. I’m trying to cut back… Honorable mention which is not shown is a bottle of Holister So-Cal men’s cologne which I took out last night whilst digging for something else. I wear it. Although its common for young teen guys to wear, show me one 40 year old woman who wears it. Besides me. I don’t want to smell like somebody else and sometimes I’m not into the fru fru flowery smells. Although marketed to “dudes”, it smells more unisex to me. 🙂

So what’s in your handbag?


~ by Deena Kay on 01/15/2010.

7 Responses to “What’s in YOUR handbag?”

  1. Oh my gosh Deena, you have room for the kitchen sink in there! I imagine that you are like most women – A pocket for every purpose. I actually have a brief case with several pockets, nooks and crannies. I can carry my laptop, digital camera, power foods, business papers, several accessories and yes…. my wallet 😉

    • LOL I hope so. I can’t be all THAT different. 🙂 I think most of it comes from wanting to be organized and just taking pride in cleanliness. hehe If I could fit the kitchen sink in there, I’d probably do it! I’m really interested to see who else will post what’s in their handbags and see what’s all in there. 🙂

  2. I am going to add a link to your post onto mine, Deena. I did it yesterday and in the process even cleaned some old receipts out.

  3. LOL I did too. I forgot to mention 2 things. I had a stack of old receipts that the ink has worn off and a nasal inhaler for if my nose gets stuffy. hehe

  4. […] 17 January 2010 by Nicki A friend of mine posed this question on his blog on Friday and I couldn’t help but bite.  I did ask permission first and am slightly scared to delve into this now as I truly have no idea what is in my wallet.  Deena also took the challenge to see what was in her purse. […]

  5. “Honorable mention which is not shown is a bottle of Holister So-Cal men’s cologne which I took out last night whilst digging for something else. I wear it.”

    ~ And I thought I was one of the few who did this – right on, Deena! This actually made me laugh out loud, because I to, wear the same scent that ‘one’ of my exes wore that I first turned him on to. At one time it had the effect of making me want to tear him apart (in a good way) … Now I wear it, on ocassion, when I am in the mood for … let’s just say that it is a trigger, a scent imprint which has become an anger prompt. And no, it isn’t ‘old spice.’ My step-father wore that, and I hate that scent. It makes me nauseous just smelling it.

    I enjoyed this post for the virtual tour and the ‘Honorable mention.’ ~smile~

  6. One more thing in common. haha I like men’s cologne. The flowery stuff is “ok” doesn’t reflect ME. I was asked the other day what I wear when an older lady told me that I smelled really good. I was mildy embarassed to tell her it was men’s So-Cal. She clearly hadn’t smelled that in her circle of friends. Another one I used to like (20+ years ago) was Drakkar. It’s played out now but when it was new, I wore the heck out of that too. 😉

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