Hodge Podge of politics, movies, marijuana, alcohol and friendship.

I’m discontinuing my pain medication. I tried to a few weeks ago and had side effects from stopping to abruptly. Apparently I need to “ween off”. Fair enough, I’m now weening and am down to half the amount I was taking a week ago. Next week will be half of that and then eventually, down to none. Hopefully, providing I can still walk reasonably well. My new and MUCH better Dr told me that the amount of pain medication I was on is a lot and that it metabolizes in the liver. I’ve had liver function testing done and never had any problems but as I age, why wait until there is? There is no more surgery I’m willing to have so I must deal with it until medical technology changes/improves. I guess that’s my lot in life for now with regard to that.

I want to give a friend of mine a second chance because we’ve been in a stalemate of stubbornness with friendship at stake for over a month. Although our friendship won’t ever be the way it was because I’m not okay that, it’s okay and also healthy for things to evolve. I messaged him today via text message for the first time in 5+ weeks too see how he was. He’s still hurting and not in a great way. We’ll see how that goes.

Next is a serious confession. Although I’m not alcoholic, I drink to much for my age. I drink a few times a week. I used to drink a couple glasses of wine every night until my Dr said “that’s to much for you”. Then it took the relaxing edge it once had, off and ruined it. I stopped but still a few times a week, like to have some wine. With dinner or whatever. Now that my memory is failing me as I enter pre-menopause and alcohol exacerbates it, I’d rather not deal with wondering if it was the glass of wine I had that made me forget or the hormones. I’ll live without my glass of wine. I’d rather not live without my memories.

I watched a film last night called “the vagina monologues”. I thought it would be thought provoking and interesting. It wasn’t, it was just sad in some parts and boring in others. There was a 70 year old woman who hadn’t visibly seen her vagina in 20 years. She’s cleaned it and all but never actually looked at it. Sorry about that. It just wasn’t that interesting. I expect that from elderly women. I was in geriatrics in a health care profession for a time so it’s not that surprising. Our values change as we age. As controversial as the film is/was, it just isn’t that great.

My house is a mess and I put off cleaning yesterday in exchange for some good downtime. I am happy I did although today I regret it because I had to deal with it today and now I have a new mess in the kitchen and lack the energy to clean it up. My son isn’t home and it isn’t his mess. It’s mine. I guess I only have enough energy to clean to kitchen once a day. Not twice a day or double the mess.

I found a blog today of a woman who is a larger size who deals with friends who inadvertently on occasion comment and a few rude who advertently comment on how much she eats and it made me think about a post I made with regard to my bulimia. I re-read that post and it also made me realize that my timelines are grossly off and I’ve lost track of how old I am. I feel like in the grand scheme of things between 0 and 40 that at 39, I more closely relate to age 40. I stopped counting the months and now feel like what decade it is, is more important.

Another confession is that I didn’t vote in the last election because I wasn’t legally able to due to not legally driving. But felons, hey way not?? Right?? NOT. In Florida to legally vote, you register when you get your drivers license. I wasn’t able to get mine and had some driving issues. I could have voted still with an ID card, but didn’t. I wont blame that in the law or Florida or anything else. Had I had my druthers, I would not have voted for Obama but not for the reasons everyone complains about him. At the time I just didn’t think that the US was ready for a black or woman president. Racist, sexist me. Unlike the Philippines or other countries where they are successful. I agreed we needed change but now have regret that I didn’t vote. I’m happy that Mass. voted in a R instead of D so there’s no filibuster with regard to the healthcare reform bill. I don’t need nor can I afford financial penalties for not having insurance. I agree that healthcare needs reform but not so sure his way is the best way. Go read at www.politifact.com and you will learn a lot.  90% of his promises that are rated “in the works” relate to health care and little else. Its ONE things, not hundreds. Read it and you’ll see what I mean. There is also a bill he is trying to pass that would allow convicted felons a right to vote. What????? If you didn’t know that, pay attention! I regret that I didn’t pay more! http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2008/08/11/liberals-register-felons-obama-wapo-cant-locate-any-critics    and     http://rightwingnews.com/mt331/2008/10/felon_vote_could_help_obama_ya.php

I’m incredibly pissed off that people in India now have my job and I’m on unemployment after having saved the company I worked for, 15 million+ in 3 years. Outsourcing/Exporting our jobs sucks. Here is what I think about that. I can assure you, when it comes time for me to be in need of the product they manufacture/produce, I’ll buy elsewhere.

I HATE that marijuana isn’t legal. If it was, I most assuredly would smoke it. It helps pain, dealing with pain and myriad other health concerns. People way over-react. It’s only illegal because there isn’t government control. There is potential for abuse of EVERYTHING WE DO. People take to many aspirins and it thins the blood, take to many NSAIDS and you risk liver damage. There is a LOT of propaganda with regard to pot use from both  sides of the argument. I’d rather make my own choices and go with something that grows naturally out of the earth than some pharmaceutically created, manufactured “pill” that most assuredly causes more side effect problems that the initial problem it’s intended to “fix”. Sometimes pills are needed but in the end, I believe that nature provides us with all we need as long as we don’t destroy it with our greed.

This is me, these are my beliefs in a “Hodge Podge” format.


~ by Deena Kay on 01/21/2010.

3 Responses to “Hodge Podge of politics, movies, marijuana, alcohol and friendship.”

  1. Wow Deena, there seems to be a lot on your mind lately! Call me girl! 😉

  2. Deena – Like jassnight says, you have a lot on your mind. Good to get it all out. I had a g/f tell me she thought that my drinking had increased last summer. Truthfully, I would say I was going to have a glass of wine or a mojito and then would have water when push came to shove. I do like a glass of wine or beer or drink occasionally but not too often so I understand. Couldn’t believe someone was listening that closely to me. LOL!

    I hope things with your friend work out the way you envision them in the future.

    If you need to bounce things off someone, you know where to find me.

  3. Deena girl – sounds like you need to take some deep breaths. You sound a bit chittered (that’s a word i made up for when my mind goes spun ~smile~) Although I am the last to give advise, tackling too many issues at once can have a paralyzing effect. Be gentle with yourself.

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