I’d be lost without you


Dear Internet, I just wanted to take a moment this valentines day to share with you how much you’ve meant to me all these years, and of course to tell you via my loving and best friend here named Blog. I met you 16 years ago and you’ve changed a lot over the years, most often for the better.

Internet, you are the very reason that I have met many of the people I now hold in very high regard, call my friends and listen to for hours on end, often also by virtue of my loving friend Blog. I have to say though it is YOU who is also responsible for my having even met Blog in the first place. Please don’t be jealous I wrote to Blog first. You my dear internet were at the beginning of it all.

You are the reason I met my best friend in real life too. You’ve ushered into my life many wonderful things and people. Good food, family and friends that I’d lost track of and many more of my unseen but always felt neighbors. Many times you’re the door upon which I knock when I want to visit.

You’ve been there in it with me at the depths of my research, facilitating it all. You’ve been my introduction to geographical places that in real life, I’ll never have the luxury of actually visiting. If I’m bored, you also take that into account and show me all things applicable to cure it such as icanhascheezeburger.com . You supply me with myriad experiences for which I put my literary skills to use.

Internet, I can honestly say I love you and would be lost without you.

Love, Deena.


~ by Deena Kay on 02/06/2010.

One Response to “I’d be lost without you”

  1. I seriously do not think that I could survive a week, let alone a day, without the Internet. My family life survives by way of the Internet. Communication, downloaded episodes of Diego and Harry Potter movies, avoidance of my daily chores, directions to the nearest sanitarium. You know, the Internetz is important stuff. I hear you!

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