Momalom Love Letter

A love letter inspired by Momalom’s challenge found here:


Dear Blog,

I am so grateful I found you! No matter what is going on in my world, there you are to hear me out when I need to tell you everything. There you are to show me I’m not alone and that there are many other’s just like me. Blog, you’ve helped me realize I’m normal. You’ve given me hope and you’ve given me something to look forward to when I get home and yet you never expect anything from me. If I’m overly busy for a week or so, you’ll still be there when my world calms down and I can come see you again and tell you about my days and things I’ve learned. You’ve always been a safe refuge. Anytime I’m lonely, frustrated, flustered or just plain upset, there you are to hear me out, listen to my every word and never judge me. No matter what, you’re always there for me!

Anytime I wonder "who am I?", there you are to reflect back to me all that I am through everything I’ve shared with you. You’ve helped me so much and never once have expected anything in return. No matter where I work, if I work, how much I have, where I live be it near or far or what I’ve done, there you are, always true and always available anytime I need, day or night. There is never a time when you’re to busy to listen. There is never a time that you’ll choose to keep company with somebody else instead of me. There is never a time that I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough or rich enough. You accept me for better and for worse.

You’re a great companion and never mess up my house, eat all my food, drink all my wine, spend all my money or use all the hot water. You never complain about my leftovers being in the fridge for to long or that my meatloaf is bland and my drinks are to weak. It doesn’t matter to you if I have a messy house or don’t feel like doing laundry. I can be comfy around you, in my pajamas if I want and with uncombed hair.

Blog, you accept me for who I am, what I do and have been more to me than most real life companions. It’s a sad day in our world when human companionship can’t hold a candle to a blog but alas, here we are and it is in fact that day in my life. My dear blog, this is why I love you.

Love, Deena


~ by Deena Kay on 02/06/2010.

4 Responses to “Momalom Love Letter”

  1. Deena, recently I added a little graphic to the site which says “this is place i am most me.” It’s true. The blog has become a space I can relax into to and I feel so fortunate for that. I also feel relieved to know that if it’s a busy week and I can only manage to rush some post out, it’s okay.

    Thanks for the reminder of just how much the blog gives BACK!

  2. I feel the same way about my blog. So well put!

  3. “You’ve helped me realize I’m normal.”

  4. True words! And ones that echo with so many of us.

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