Dini, you’ll be missed. We love you.

DiniCuddle I find myself heartbroken at the unexpected loss of a dear friend. She was an amazing dog with a beautiful soul. A friend of mine found her and saved her when she, in terrible condition after having been abandoned on the street, walked up to my friend and he kept her, cleaned her up, got her healthy again and he loved her and she loved him.

I met her 2 years ago when I first met my friend Fred. She truly was an amazing friend. Always there to say hello, always happy to have a visitor, always cuddled with me when I needed it. She and I had a special relationship and we understood each other. We had a lot in common.

I’ve always felt a special connection with animals. Dogs have a surprising array of emotions and an absolutely endless capacity to love. They aren’t toys for the kids, they aren’t things to own like a possession, they are living, breathing, sentient beings and members of the family. Her untimely death leaves me feeling the immense pain of having lost a best friend. Fred, well I can only imagine his suffering. No matter what happened, Dini was always there for him. In sickness and health, through loneliness, heartbreak, broken relationships, you name it. He has seen more than his fair share of hardship and she was always there to give love and companionship just as he did her when she was down and out, abandoned, hungry, sick, tired and alone.

We didn’t know she was ill. She collapsed yesterday and was rushed to the veterinary emergency hospital where she took a turn for the worse during the night and could not be saved. She passed peacefully this morning with Fred there to give her comfort as she went and to say their good bye’s. I wish I’d been able to say good bye. I did see her last week and she seemed fine. She laid by me in the morning as per usual while I drank coffee and Fred was still asleep. I’m happy we had that last morning time together. I didn’t know it would be our last.  One thing I take heart in, that last time I saw her, it had been nearly 6 weeks since we had morning time because of a falling out I had with Fred. I could tell she missed me and she could tell I missed her too and we did get in some extra loves to make up for lost time. Fred can take heart in that she always knew how much he loved her and he never let her forget it. She indeed had a wonderful life.

RIP Dini. We don’t know when you were born or how old you really were or what made you ill and we’re sorry about that. You will most assuredly be missed by all the people who’s lives you touched. Thank you for sharing the early mornings with me and for all the loves and cuddles you always gave me.


~ by Deena Kay on 02/07/2010.

4 Responses to “Dini, you’ll be missed. We love you.”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. Sending you (and Fred) a virtual hug. I know it’s small comfort. 😦

  2. Thank you. It does help. 🙂 She was the best dog ever.Perfect in every way.

  3. Sorry Deena, I know how it feels to lose a true friend. A few years back, I lost my beagle. It was a sign. I think I was only staying in the house because of her. A week after is when I got my apartment and separated from my wife. That time of my life is marked by the death of my dear Rosey.

  4. I am so sorry, Deena. I will pray for you, Fred and Dini!

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