Chocolate Mousse, Vegan (Yes it kicks ass!)


Who’d a thunk it, vegan chocolate mousse. I am now a believer. See, after I went through a BOATLOAD of stress and drama in my life, I ended up moving and am settling in for now. So far so good. My best friend Fred has been amazing and I’m really happy he and Sam were able to help as much as they have. Fred and I are now “Roomies” although he’s a bed hog. Although I knew that before. Anyway, throughout all the BS, needless to say, my dietary intake went to hell in a hand-basket. I hadn’t realized how strict my diet really was. I started eating meats, processed foods, dairy products now and then despite knowing better and essentially it made me really ill and sluggish. Immunity decreased, sickness set in, bloating, weight gain, water weight, fatigue, etc. After about a month of that, I couldn’t take it anymore. Historically I’m about 90 – 95% vegan, as a general rule. Once in awhile but not often, I’ll have some fish or chicken. It isn’t because I can’t eat living creatures or anything, I just don’t tolerate meats in my system well and am also lactose intolerant so I avoid dairy products like the plague animal fats just clog the ole’ arteries and raise cholesterol. Also I just do NOT like commercially prepared and processed foods. There is always something in it that doesn’t agree with me. Even canned veggies are loaded with sodium which I am also sensitive to. At any rate, after a month or so of eating the typical American diet and feeling like total poop, I’d had enough. Now it’s fresh raw vegetables, soy milk, etc and after only a few days, I’m feeling more back to normal.

Last night I read about a vegan chocolate mousse. Yeah right, I thought. Oookay… I liked the idea of the organic silken tofu. See tofu is really bland and absorbs the flavors of whatever it’s with. I thought it would be great for a sweet tooth and could make some nice desserts as well as could be used, with other things, to replace things like cream cheese, ricotta, sour cream, salad dressings, alfredo sauce, etc. So I went and bought some. OMG it’s wonderful! My Aunt Joyce (RIP) used to make the firm tofu fried up with some seasonings and give it to my sis and I as kids and we really didn’t like it. Of course, this was 30+ years ago and it’s improved dramatically since then or… I’ve learned more about it. At any rate, last night I made the vegan chocolate mousse. It’s awesome! It does NOT taste anything like tofu. Not in the slightest. If you’re like me and sensitive to prepared foods, sugars, salts, dairy, crap like that, you might want to give this a try. Low in fat, no egg, no dairy, no animal products, no commercial processing other than what they do the bakers bitter chocolate. It’s pretty damn good! Just be sure to read the labels on anything you buy to ensure it hasn’t got anything that might upset your system. There are a lot of products out there and even though some cost a bit more for the higher quality, they’re worth it.

1 pound silken tofu

8 oz bakers (bitter) chocolate (UN-sweetened in bar or chips) NOT semisweet or milk chocolate. Those both have added cocoa butter, milk, sugars, etc and add unnecessary fat, calories and animal products.

1/3 cup soy milk

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp almond extract (optional)

1/2 tsp salt product. I use NoSalt which is a sodium free salt replacement.

About a cup or so of Splenda. Taste as you go to see how sweet it is and stop when it’s sweet enough for you.

Melt chocolate in large double boiler. Large enough to contain all ingredients because that is eventually where it’s all going to go. The melted chocolate won’t be coming out of the pan until it is being poured into serving cups. When I did it, I didn’t read far enough ahead and used only a small pan just big enough to hold the melted 8 ounces of chocolate….. it was a real pain the scrape it all out and into the mixing bowl later. If you’re better at it than I am, it can be done in the microwave but eh… I was afraid I’d over nuke and burn it on the edges. I’ve seen it done on half power and by adding little bits of chocolate at a time as it’s nuked and stirring but…. anyway.

In a separate bowl or food processor or simple blender, empty the contents of a 1 pound (16 oz) package of silken tofu – drain the water our of the package first. It’s about the texture of a really soft custard. I use Nasoya organic brand. Then pour in the half cup of soy milk, tsp of vanilla, 1/2 tsp salt and if opted for, a tsp of almond extract. It’s supposed to make it a little bit Amaretto-ish. I did it with a shot of Amaretto and it wasn’t that great. I should have used almond extract. If you’re using a blender or food processor, blend it all until it’s smooth and creamy. I used a bowl so I used a regular hand mixer. A fork really won’t do because at the end, you will really need to beat it pretty good because I read that with a fork, the silken soy doesn’t smooth out as much and will still have tiny curds. Don’t add splenda yet.

Once its all beaten smooth, scrape the sides of the blender/processor/bowl with spoon and blend again just to make sure all lumps are out and all ingredients are thoroughly mixed in. Once the chocolate is melted and there are no more lumps, remove from the double boiler, set on a hot pad or other safe surface for something hot and pour contents of silken tofu, soy milk, etc into the chocolate and mix. This is if you have a hand mixer and bowl. Of course, if you are using a food processor, then you’ll need to scrape all the melted chocolate into the food processor or blender. Some recipes call for adding maple syrup to the chocolate but then it somehow turns into this taffy like material that I think would be hard to work with. I didn’t use the maple syrup because I don’t want added calories. Mix it all up really good until it’s all smooth and creamy. Now what you will have is an unsweetened, unset chocolate mousse. NOW you add your sweetener. I started adding the Splenda a small bit at a time and just kept on adding and mixing and tasting until I thought it was sweet enough. It was easily a cup or maybe a little bit more. I didn’t measure. Once it’s sweet enough, scrape the sides and pour into serving dishes. I poured mine into 4 large ones but it’s really thick and rich once it’s done and 6 would probably be better.Set in fridge at LEAST 2 hours. The chocolate will re-harden and it makes a wonderfully rich, sweet, chocolaty mouse.

You can add whatever topping you choose. Raspberries simmered in some splenda and water and thickened a bit, slivered almonds, or a cashew whipped topping which is another recipe to make and can be found here:

Total time spent on it, about 20 minutes less the chilling overnight. I ate some this morning and it’s wonderful! I will be making it again 🙂 It’s rich, thick, chocolaty, sweet and filling and is low cal, low fat, low sodium, non dairy, no animal products 😉


~ by Deena Kay on 04/01/2010.

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  1. YUM!

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