Sagittarius, myths and facts.


 I’m not sure why I want to write about Sagittarius. I think there are a handful of reasons, not the least of which is that I am one. I know several. My father is one, one of my sons was born on a cusp of Sag, I have a handful of friends that are Sag and I never met one that I didn’t like. Ever. That includes myself. I like me. Even people who I just really get along with that I didn’t know were Sag, there were times with them that I found out and realized “No wonder I like them so much!”

HONESTY: Sagittarians are wonderful people. We’re honest, some say to a fault because most other signs aren’t used to the level of candor and honestly you’ll receive from a Sag. While it is true that at times our honesty is more than you want, rest assured, we’re never honest with an intent to harm anyone’s feelings. That’s just not the cloth from which we’re cut. People’s feelings get hurt more often, but not always, when they’re fishing for compliments. We assume you ask for the truth because you want the truth. We also have egos that don’t bruise easily. That we can take the truth, unfettered by “prettying up”, it’s only natural for us to assume the same of others. We only learn from experience that that isn’t the case with most other people and learn to temper our honesty with more tact, just don’t expect us to lie to you. Giving another person real, candid honesty is the most respectful thing we can do and is something that many others will not. Learn to appreciate that. It’s a gift we give to you.

INTUITION: We’re an intuitive bunch. We can usually spot disingenuous behavior straight away and I personally am repelled by that as are most other Sags that I’ve met. We can certainly understand and even appreciate, others need for privacy so if you don’t want to share everything, that’s fine. However if we know you’re not being genuine or start telling us lies, we will be aware of it. A mature Sag can spot your true colors in pretty short order. This is usually why Sags are often surrounded by so many other quality people. We will not entertain relations with those we don’t trust.  We also have a keen sense of what underlies the behaviors of others. We can quickly assess what makes a person tick and that allows us to be a better friend.

DATING AND RELATING: Sagittarius people are, I’d say, one of the only signs that understands and fully grasps the concept of “As well as, not instead of”, when it comes to dating, friendships and others of the opposite gender. Many Sag people have been in relationships where jealousy reigns supreme even when our partner indicates they trust us. Jealousy is an indication to me at least, that you don’t trust me or my ability to withstand the advances of others and make no mistake, I won’t soon forget your lack of faith in me when I’ve given you my word. I find that incredibly insulting. Sure, we have lots of friends of both genders but it isn’t illicit. When we like somebody and make friends with a person of the opposite gender, it isn’t “instead of” our partner, it’s as well as and we won’t stick you in a closet and hide you while we’re out enjoying people and life. If we’ve promised to be faithful, rest assured, we will or we wouldn’t have said we would. Remember that honesty thing? If we have NOT promised to be faithful, we probably won’t be.  On that, many people mistake our genuine appreciation of others as flirting and say as much when they talk about Sag. This isn’t always true. While we do enjoy flirting, more often than not, we’re simply being honest, decent human beings and if we think you’re a beautiful person, we’re more likely to tell you about it. That doesn’t mean we want to have sex, it just means we’re being genuine and think you’re a beautiful person. That’s all. We still plan to go home to our partners who we also believe are beautiful or we wouldn’t be there. A Sag can’t fake it. A relationship may be short lived, but know this, we appreciated you while it lasted and will likely still be your good friend, unless you did something to warrent otherwise. Blessed be the man or woman who steals the heart of a Sag.

HONOR: We are a very honorable bunch, us Sagittarians. We truly believe in “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and it often baffles and hurts us when this doesn’t happen or when our genuinely good intentions are questioned. We are one of the few who truly can be taken at face value. I can’t speak for all others, but I personally believe that you get back out of life, that which you put into it. If you’re being dishonest and cruddy to people, being selfish and nasty, that’s what you can expect back. Hence our forthrightness in our dealings with others as well as our seeming streaks of good luck. We’re decent, humane and honest people and as such, that’s what we get back out of life. It’s a lot easier to find success when you truly know what your dealing with and you know what you’re dealing with because you yourself have been genuine and honest with people you interact with. It isn’t luck, it’s being a decent person. We reap what we sow.

LIFE OUTLOOK: We are a creative bunch and please don’t try to curb that creativity. Animals, nature, beauty in ALL things…. it’s what fuels our fire. We NEED a creative outlet. Some of us, like me, write. We enjoy capturing the beauty of what we see, feel and experience and want to share that with others via whatever medium we choose, be it photography, art, writing, painting, cooking, teaching, etc. Because we often feel what other’s feel and are impacted by that to some extent, we enjoy sharing our experiences because we want you to see and feel the greatness of experiences that we have had too. I have a personal motto “I just like to know stuff” and that’s true of most. I don’t care if it seems relevant or not. I do truly just like to learn things. Regardless of astrologers write ups about our personality, you can take this straight from the horses mouth, we just like to know things and continue to know more and more and more. Everything we know, learn and experience is relevant to us in some way. Plus, our interest is genuine so if we’re asking you questions about yourself… keep that in mind.

FREEDOM: I will say on this, we are a freedom loving group of people. It isn’t that we are non-committal to projects, people, relationships, etc. it’s that it needs to be our choice. I’ll use a scenario from when I was little. My Mother would tell me to please stay inside. As long as the door was open and I knew I was free to go, I was happy to comply and stay indoors. It was my choice to do so. As soon as the door was closed and locked behind me, it was no longer my choice and I’d find a way to get outdoors again. I will not be trapped. I’ll scramble out the window, or whatever. Not to get away from my mother but to retain my sense of freedom. The same is true in all other aspects of my life. It needs to be my choice. A Sag will NOT be controlled. People say we are non-committal to things but the reality is that we need it to be our choice. Respect me enough to allow me to CHOOSE rather than try to force me or trick me into something. If you trick me into something and I find out, it’s the worst offense you could commit against a Sag. Freedom is about choice, take that away and I’ll run the first chance I get, again, not to get away from you but to retain my freedom and my right to choose. If I run, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, it means I feel controlled and I won’t have it.

SEX: Ok here we go…. one of the many popular subjects when people seek out info on signs. A Sag is different from many others in this regard. As has been well established, we like to enjoy enjoying, we like to share, we are creative and this too can be an outlet. However, where other signs can just  hook up indiscriminately, you will not find that with a Sag. If we are not interested, we won’t go there… if we are and you’re willing… be ready for some fun. We are not inhibited, we like to experiment and like all else in life, it’s something to be enjoyed. Don’t be shy around a Sag in the bedroom. We don’t hold unrealistic expectations, ideas or anything else.  You must however be comfortable in your own skin, literally and figuratively. It doesn’t matter if you think you look funky in a certain position as long as you enjoy it! That’s all that matters! That and RESPECT…..Sag’s don’t kiss and tell.

OPTIMISM: Sag people can most definitely be hurt. We just aren’t likely to mope about, whining and moaning about it. We will quickly recover and get on with our life. Most of us have a very sunny disposition and are optimistic in the extreme. If for example, you tell me that you got mugged, I’ll of course be sympathetic and feel your pain right along with you. But I will always find a bright side and I might say “Well if we all have a 20% chance of being mugged once in our life and a 1% chance of being mugged twice, at least now you can get on with it knowing that it isn’t likely to happen again”. That isn’t me being insensitive, it’s the Sagittarian optimism and way of looking on the bright side.

VARIANCES: There are exceptions to every rule and no two people are exactly alike. There are however certain traits that are similar in all Sag’s.


~ by Deena Kay on 06/19/2010.

10 Responses to “Sagittarius, myths and facts.”

  1. i am a capricorn with a sag male. I love him very much but we were together a whole year before he even allowed me to call myself his girlfriend. Now that we are a couple he does say that he will be faithful, but his actions are wierd. He spends alot of time in his private space, where he takes private calls, and what about all the sex i keep hearing that sags love. We barely have anything,but we are together a majority of the time, too much for me to even think he cheats. I am pregnant with his second child, but i have a really strong sex drive and wonder if he’s just not attracted to me.

  2. I m 17 and i feel this fits me perfectly. I am incredibly creative and honest. Sometimes i can be “too honest” but i really dont mean to hurt anyone. I am very intuitive and can easily tell when someone is lying and i am weirdly optimistic. I like to flirt but im very loyal in a relationship. Most important i like to experience stuff and do as well as learn. One thing i was curious about is compatability of a virgo and a sag because my bff is one n i hear all these bad things about us together but we get along well and we both love to experience life together. Please excuse the lack of punctuation, im typing this on my phone.

  3. I love this. I wonder about the sag stance. I’ve heard we have a natural arch and then the way we walk. I work in store and majority of sags I see, walk to the exit slowly but once they reach the outside they speed up and are gone! Including myself! Grateful for this article!

  4. I’m speechless … I really don’t know what to say. My husband is a Sagittarius and after 13 years I didn’t really know the person he was until I read your story … Now I fully understand him and I have know doubt that we will do much better in our marriage .. I’m soooooo happy, I stumbled across this … Perfection to me and I have to say Thank You.. You saved my marriage … I am an Aquarius ..

  5. Yeah! This is SO me! Hahaha! Yeah men! I like reading something related to me to know me better? or maybe just ensuring what I know to my self? whatever it maybe I just love the way you write it! it’s so AWESOMELY AMAZING Hahaha! I’m so stoked! :))

  6. Amazingly accurate!

  7. I’m so happy I too stumbled upon this article! I couldn’t have described my fun loving sag self any better. Thank-you for shedding the light on us Sagittarians and allowing us to shine as the happiest star of all. 😀

  8. Sag male – Yeah, that’s pretty much spot on, especially the trust side of things. Enjoyed the read and the ego boost.

    Ta very much!

  9. Omgah you’re awesome.. Best synopsis I found and you’re just a normal person 🙂 and also an entertaining writer, thx

  10. Sagg are truly the only sign in the zodiac that seriously scare me. I do not think you are able to be fully objective of yourself. Every single Sagg I ever had a relationship with had trouble dealing with their emotions. They were very selfish and crude (rough around the edges and lacking true manners) and one of them was a Dr so that was real frightening. The only sign I know that will tell you how much they love you and are afraid to lose you and turn around and forget your birthday or any holiday. Even though you take good care of them and they wont think they did anything wrong or even acklowledge it but wont hesitate to spend big money on themselves. Physical and mental abuse along with sociopathic and narcissitic behavior runs rampant with this sign. (most well known sociopaths were Saggs). I especially like how they always say we tell you like it is. I do not think that is the case. You spout out your personal opinions with no discretion. Even if you think you can take it ( which most actually cannot). That does not mean you should not acknowledge that everyone is different (even Saggs I am sure I just have yet to meet one which was not text book). So why should you praise yourselves for not having any tact? ( among other things most cannot admit). Oh, yes that’s right because your a Sagg. If anyone wants to know what this sign is truly like your best to read accounts of others who have dealt with them. You will find the similarities in stories over and over again. I will be surprised if this does not get erased or does not make a Sagg so angry the assaults will come right away. Please do not bother. If you truly have nothing to hide and think Saggs are so wonderful you will leave this up and let people look into it themselves.

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