DeenaPicI started this blog just because I always have a lot to say and unfortunately to often, not enough people to say it to! I’m 38 for now, will be 39 in December. I’m a single Mom. My youngest still lives at home. Overall, I really like my life. I am not 100% where I want to be, but that’s no reason to be unhappy. Eventually I will be where I want as long as I keep trying to get there! It’s a long road to go from nothing to something and it takes awhile to get there and I’m going to enjoy the ride! Life is to short to be miserable and this is the only life we have. I choose to be happy, why waste it?

This blog isn’t about anything in particular. Just stuff. Stuff I think about, stuff I like, maybe a rant here and there. I’m generally a positive person and I do always try look on the bright side. There are VERY few things I cannot find a silver lining in. I make mistakes sometimes just like everyone else and I won’t beat myself up for it as long as I have a positive take-away.

So, if you found your way here and have opted to stay and read awhile, many thanks to you! 🙂


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